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Our healthy lawn care program promotes overall good turf health, vigor, and color throughout the year.  Weed control is obtained with market leading products using pre-emergent and post-emergent methods.  Routine turf inspections, during our lawn care application, help us determine if other pests or diseases are present during the service.  Bowman’s Best Lawn Care technicians continuously attend turf courses, read turf management articles, and are in touch with product suppliers to ensure our application methods are effectively proven.  We guarantee our service.

This first application is a pre-emergent herbicide used to prevent crab grass and other weeds from germinating in the spring.  The product DOES need to be watered in to be activated.  Rainfall within one week of application time should be sufficient to activate the product.  A “spot treatment” of any existing broadleaf weeds will also be performed.

LC2, LC3 and LC4
We apply a complete balanced fertilizer, heavy in nutrients, to provide your turf with a continuous slow feeding.  Celcius, a market leading herbicide, will be applied to kill all broadleaf weeds that have sprouted up.  No special care is needed.  Rainfall or any precipitation will help activate this treatment.

We will apply a potassium rich fertilizer to help strengthen your turf’s root system in preparation for the changing season.  Celcius, a market leading herbicide was applied to kill all broadleaf weeds that have sprouted up.  No special care is needed.  Rainfall or any precipitation will help to activate the fertilizer granules.

Spectacle, a pre-emergent herbicide, will be applied during this service.  The herbicide will aid in the prevention of many broadleaf and grassy weeds.  For maximum activity against germinating weeds, Spectacle herbicide requires rainfall or irrigation prior to weed germination.

A soil sample will be conducted during this service to determine soil pH, potassium and phosphorus levels.  The core samples will help us determine if the soil pH will need to be altered in the season to come.  Your soil sample will be analyzed at NC State Department of Agriculture and the results should be available within 30-60 days after submission.  Any remaining broadleaf weeds will be “spot treated” during this service.

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