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Includes the Healthy Lawn Care Program Plus with these additional features:

Disease Control Treatments (3)
This application of disease control is applied to prevent or reduce the active status of a fungus.  Our fungicide products lead the market in control.  Although we use high quality products, some active fungi need multiple treatments.

Insect Control Lawn Treatments (3)
Insect control using Crosscheck, this insecticide is used to control a wide range of insects and pests, including ants, spiders, crickets, and various multi-legged pests.  We treat all turf areas surrounding the property.  The application will decrease the overall number of pests on the exterior of your home.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Treatment Program
Horticultural oil can be applied for pest control.  Horticultural oil is a natural product that controls various pests in the landscape.  A fungicide can be applied to trees and shrubs to decrease the chance of disease activity on your plant material (root diseases are not included).  Integrated pest management will be used to determine what insect control products to use to ensure those nasty lawn pests do not damage plant material.

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