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Includes our Basic Lawn Maintenance Program with the addition of:

Pruning shall encourage structural strength and accentuate the plants natural forms within its location.  Plants will be pruned according to their cultural requirements to promote a healthy and vigorous life.  All trees up to 12’ ft. in height will be pruned annually as needed.

PR1 ~ Spring pruning – Pruning of spring bloomers (Azalea, Hawthorne, Loropetalum, etc.) after blooms are spent and all other shrubbery/trees as needed.

PR2 ~ Summer pruning – Pruning all evergreen shrubs (Holly, Ligustrum, Wax Myrtle, etc.) that have developed “new growth” in effort to keep shapeliness.

PR3 ~ Fall pruning – Pruning of all summer bloomers (Gardenia, Hydrangea, Abelia, etc.), pruning of perennial flowers/plants, tree limb pruning, ornamental grass pruning, and all other shrubbery/trees as needed.

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