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This includes our Complete Lawn Maintenance Program with the added features of:

Core Aeration
Core Aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes in the turf.  These holes allow fertilizer, water, and air to reach the root zone quicker, resulting in new growth and increased root development.  These holes also open up the soil and help reduce thatch build up and soil compaction, allowing your lawn to breathe and grow.

Fire Ant Control Treatment
An application of fire ant control (Top Choice) will give yearlong control for these pests.  Rain or irrigation will activate this product.  Top Choice also controls nuisance ants for 3 months and fleas/ticks for 1 month.

Grub Control Treatment (2)
This application will help control the population of white grubs in the lawn, as well as other sub-surface feeding insects.  Worms, nuisance ants, fire ants, fleas, and ticks are controlled for approximately 60 days with the application of this product.  The product WILL need to be watered in to be activated.

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